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Promoters/Model Applications


If you're reading this, you are probably interested to be one of the faces of our brand. Here's what it takes.

If you've a great personality, love photography, and have loads of self confidence, we want you! It doesn't matter if you're tall or short, fat or thin. It doesn't matter what your gender or sexual orientation is. We're all equals, and thats what this brand is about. There is no place for judgement, and there is no perfect person. You are you, and we want the real you.

Applications are open, and to submit yours just send us an email with the following:

1) Name

2) Country

3) Social media platforms (instagram, Facebook etc)

4) Products you're interested in promoting. Please only pick from products that don't already have a real life photo as the product photo on our website.)

5) Tell us something about yourself. It could be anything, we want to know if the person we're working with!

6) attach two photos of yourself in a t shirt (full body/half body with face). No selfies please! 


Our email address:


To all applicants, welcome to our family. We will send you a reply if we're interested in working with you.


Peace out.